Fethiye Oludeniz paragliding

An unforgettable experience in the unique view of Ölüdeniz Fethiye paragliding As Ektremtatil, we are at your service with our expert team and professional pilots for you to experience. Your flights will be extremely safe and fun, accompanied by our pilots with THK, FAI (International Aviation Federation) licenses and many years of flight experience. Professional, friendly office and reservation team, complete and high security measures, the most modern parachute equipment and of course the most beautiful view in the world. All you have to do is reach us and leave yourself to the wind in the unique view of Ölüdeniz. Please review the paragliding activity before booking.

Extreme vacation Oludeniz and Turkey’s leading and best paragliding company. For comprehensive information about pricing, please read our Fethiye paragliding prices article. Our pilots, who have made tandem or single flights thousands of times in paragliding centers in Turkey and the world, will give you an unforgettable experience. Fethiye paragliding They offer flight. As a company, we are happy to serve thousands of domestic and foreign guests from Turkey and all over the world. If you want to experience moments full of adrenaline, adventure and fun, all you need to do is to reach the extreme vacation team and book your place in the sky.

Fethiye Paragliding – What are the Required Rules for Flying?

Age limit:

THK, FAI (International Aviation Federation) does not apply any age limit rules. Anyone over the age of 4 can make a paragliding flight to Fethiye. People of all ages can have an unforgettable flight experience in Ölüdeniz, which has one of the most beautiful views in the world, thanks to our equipment suitable for all ages and physiques.

Weight limit:

On tandem flights, that is, flights where the pilot and passenger fly together and the pilot has full control, the passenger weight should be maximum 100. Depending on the weather and wind conditions, our pilots can reduce this limit due to their experience. Guests over 90 kg must inform us of their weight when making a reservation.


All our parachute pilots have third party liability insurance covering themselves and their passengers. Your flights are extremely safe thanks to our required languages, insurance and most importantly our experienced pilots.

Items to have with you: It will be enough to wear sunglasses, comfortable sneakers and clothes.

Flight duration:

Flights take an average of 30 minutes depending on weather conditions. If you request aerobatics, this time will change. This is the ideal time from the jumping point to the landing point. You should not forget that it would be ideal to devote 3-4 hours to this activity when we take into account the pre- and post-flight activities.

Experience of pilots:

As we mentioned above, all our pilots hold all local and international licenses. Some of our pilots are famous in the world of paragliding and are considered the best in their field. Many new pilot candidates are given a personal or THK They provide training under the umbrella of FAI (International Aviation Federation).

Easy maps to reach the paragliding experience:

You can use it to reach our office in Fethiye Ölüdeniz from Kaş direction.